'Fairy Tail' Chapter 539 Spoilers

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The forthcoming sequel can be titled "World Collapse" and it apparently seems to suggest that a threat of global proportions are going to be unveiling itself.

In Fairy Tail chapter 538, the link between the Book of End and Zeref was ultimately revealed. Lucy was able to finish writing the memories of all the Fairy Tail guild members into the book to stop Natsu's demon transformation. Although they had their issues at first, the Book of end began to break down, which as Gray had previously and properly concluded, meant that Zeref had already died.

However, the dissolution of the book bothered Happy and Lucy, since it could mean that Natsu might die soon as well considering that it was the Black Wizard who brought him back to life. But Natsu arrived by then and he seemed physically unaffected by his brother's death and the disintegration of the Book of End.

But after a small and joyous reunion, Natsu disappeared all of the sudden while the group was taking about going back to the Guild Hall and what their plans are. By the way, if you are a fan who want to bring Fairy Tail comes to life, maybe you can read the Fairy Tail cosplay tutorial in other different website.

This turn of events has brought about some to believe that previous speculations were true: Natsu's life is really linked to Zeref and the Book of End. And now, there are rumors that the creator Hiro Mashima is going to be finding a way to resurrect the Fire Dragon Slayer in the next chapter of "Fairy Tail".

There additionally speculations hinting that the troubles are far from over, as some other obstacles are going to be emerging their way in the manga chapter 539. This was already hinted in the last chapter when after successfully sealing away the Black Dragon, Wendy realized that some cracks have began to appear in the sky.

Whoever their next enemy will be, seems like he is really powerful to break the barriers between dimensions. It is led to rumors that the Black Dragon may have identified a way to escape the Ravines of time.

The Japanese release o Fairy Tail chapter 539 "World Collapse" is planned on June 14, 2017.
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