Dagashi Kashi, About the story, it was pretty okay

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Well it's my first Review together with I'm writing the following because I thought that a lot of people rated the idea too low.

Regarding the Story, it has been pretty okay. You now have a bunch of teens require the countryside and doing the typical stuff. They sometimes featuring "dagashi" shop and discuss the origin in the sweets they take. There is almost no more to the idea. So, if you love deep Anime which includes a serious plot, this isn't it. It's more some sort of "product" Anime that you really watch on your own enjoyment or to kill a long time.

About the art work, I'm sorry, My organization is no expert together with my opinions into it usually are really subjective, so I gonna say that this looks polished along with the Animation is really nice. I didn't notice an excessive amount lazy tricks and any awful blueprints.

The Sound doens't have a whole lot of imporance. The opening was nice along with the ending was cheeky. Ambient music was inmersive to do.

Regarding the Characters, I found them the most effective part of this Anime because they're funny and likeable. You've got 2 girls together with 2 guys. Girls just hang around dealing with love, life and therefore kind of items. The guys evaluate the girls and hopeful popular, which is kind of hard in a village such as the one they are now living. But I truly liked their progress, because you discover see how are they on their daily lives together with what they complete. Basically, they are generally "real" people.

I rated the idea 10 in excitement because I like such a Animes and really enjoyed the humor together with stories about sweet origins.

Overall, without a doubt, it may be types of an advertisement with regard to Dagashi Kashi japanese candy but it surely is worth watching Just Because there are a peaceful atmosphere and much funny jokes.

Sorry if this can be a bad Review or there are lots of slipups. I just had to give my opinion about this Anime because I liked it and thought they had too much Reviews that will positioned it within a bad place.
I really imagine it deserves a shot if you value relaxed Anime about reading books with no serious plot.
I found it akin to Non Non Biyori and Barakamon, so if you happen to liked those, definitely check it out for.
Thanks for encountering this. Feel free to indicate my mistakes. (And sorry for any grammar, english is not really my native language so that i may have produced some mistakes).
26.10.2017 22:37:29
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